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Welcome to the Sweet and Sour Cancer Journey.

If you have found this site, probably either yourself, or someone close to you has sadly been diagnosed with cancer.

Rest assured that this need not be an immediate death sentence, but more another rather rollercoaster part of life's journey.

So jump aboard and learn more about my own personal experience which could inspire you and give you hope.

A Sweet and Sour Cancer Journey


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My Story

In 2014 I was diagnosed with clear cell ovarian cancer, a rare cancer associated with a poor survival rate. Although I was diagnosed at stage 1, the cancer progressed to stage 4 and I'm now on palliative care. This book catalogues my journey from initial diagnosis through 4 lines of gruelling chemotherapy, 5 surgeries, radiotherapy, DVTs and pulmonary embolisms to targeted therapy including immunotherapy that has put me in remission.

Hilary is often asked to tell her positive story at press conferences or requested to offer an opinion to other cancer patients globally via social media. She is a patient ambassador for several ovarian cancer charities and genomic testing organisations. Her interest being in precision oncology treatment. She has carried out a huge amount of research into her cancer and due to cutting-edge treatment in Hong Kong she has had access to advanced care. Here, she tells her story for all to read.


100% of profits from the paperback book will be donated to ovarian cancer charities.

Photographs taken by Jonathan Wong, featured in SCMP article 7th September 2019.

In The Press

One woman’s Hong Kong ovarian cancer journey and her positive message for fellow sufferers, their friends and family

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